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Salon Atelier is a Ouidad Certified Salon.

Lisa Daly & Diane Witt - Certified Ouidad Hair Cutting Experts


A little about the Ouidad difference...

In 1984, Ouidad opened her first salon in the country to cater only to curly hair. It's at the salon where she introduced her proprietary "Carving & Slicing" cutting technique and signature "Rake & Shake" styling method.


Finding a hair stylist that understands how to cut and style curly hair can be a challenge. With the "Carve & Slice" cutting technique, the stylists strategically cut hair at the curvature of the curl pattern. The result is well-defined curls that fit gently into each other like puzzle pieces; encouraging curl definition and creating more manageable hair.


"Carving & Slicing" is only available at the Ouidad Flagship Salons in New York City and Santa Monica and through their network of Ouidad Certified Salons, which are expertly trained to perform their trademarked cutting techniques and signature style methods.


Salon Atelier also carries the full line of Ouidad Products. So bring us your curly heads, & we'll help you LOVE your locks!




Understand And Love Your One-of-a-kind Curls.

Ouidad knows that every curl is unique and has its own distinct needs. Identifying your curl type and condition is the first step to helping you understand and care for your curly hair with the right product regimen.

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